Top 5 Must Have’s This Summer

Summer is all about fun under the sun and what better way to enjoy summer than to be outdoors under the clear blue skies and warm summer sun. It is the time of the year where we will all need to keep and change our weighty winter clothes with lightweight, breezy brightly coloured pieces.


It’s time to be outdoors and we all look forward to a great summer vacation. Hikes, bikes, stroll, shop, swim, dine and unwind along with many other outdoor activities you can think of – there are so many ways to enjoy summer and all of these activities bring fun and excitement to everyone.


Whether it is travelling to a tropical beach destination, sipping a piñacolada at a beach resort, enjoying fresh and delicious seafood, making sandcastles, reading a book on a dock in a beach or sailing, it is always best to be ready and fashionable this summer.

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Top 10 Style Tips

Time flies so fast and fashion and its rules keep on changing and being in style is one thing that we all want to keep up with. We may think of doing a wardrobe revamp and buying new designer clothes to keep up with the trend and be stylish.


But is this really necessary? You can always look sexy, classy and fabulous at your age without spending too much money on clothes and worrying about your body type.


There are many expert fashion advice and tips on the internet that you can use to remedy your tired wardrobe, to be comfortably in style and to look stunning and sexy even after giving birth or on your 40s, 50s or above without ridding your old and faithful clothes.


Dressing Up Your Home Like a Fashionista

Rustic Designed TableWe fashionistas don’t just like to look good, but make our surroundings look good too. Our homes are an extension of ourselves, so we want rooms that reflect our own personal style and tastes. So, you want to dress up your home like a fashionista but do not know where to start? Try these cool tips for the best home décor for fierce fashion femmes like yourself. Enjoy!

Get chic shoe shaped slate placemats
Let’s face it, who doesn’t love shoe shaped slate placemats? Slate placemats have been this season’s it home décor accessory because of the stylishness that it adds to your home. Black slate looks elegant and classy and immediately dresses up any table setting.

So why not take it a step further by getting bespoke slate placemats? I chose a shoe design to show off my love for shoes. They are cute and quirky and look great on the table. Best of all, the smooth black surface of the placemats allow me to draw or write personalised messages to our guests.

Get a chalkboard
Kitchen ChalkboardA fashionista always needs to take notes in one way or another. I believe that every fashion lover should have a chalkboard at home to keep track of things that you need to remember. I have two chalkboards at home: one in my room and another in my kitchen. I purchase colourful chalk in all colours and write down everything that I need for the day. Sometimes, I just write inspirational messages just to cheer me on.

Find the perfect curtains or drapes
Elegant CurtainAs a fashionista, I know a thing or two about fabrics. Instead of going for cold, industrial looking blinds, I just choose the perfect curtains and drapes to adorn my room. Depending on the season, I change my curtains to match the colour of my house décor. I suggest that you paint your walls white, so that you can easily change out the curtains and accents for the perfect colour palette.

Display your accessories and scarves
I have a lot of scarves and accessories, so I always display them to show them off. I hang all of my necklaces on decorated hooks on my wall, while my scarves are framed in attractive circular frames. I also frame all of my rings, arranging the accent pieces around the real show stoppers. It looks great, and I can just pop out the rings whenever I plan on wearing them.


Decorating Home in Modern Decor

Buy decorative boxes
Buy decorative boxes, and lots of them! I use them to store all of my clothes, make up, and fashion accessories so that my room does not look like a mess. They stack in my closet and shelves like a dream and everything looks so clean and neat. All of my boxes are colour coded in complementary colours so that I know what box contains what.

Recycle mason jars
Recycling Mason JarsMason jars are no doubt, extremely popular in homes. They are cute, quirky, and chic in a sort of bohemian way. I like to tint or paint my mason jars when I use them around the house. My flower vases are made of mason jars that were painted using a thick metallic paint, while the tinted jars are used for candles and holding small knick knacks.

Your home should reflect your own fashionista style. The house should be a source of inspiration and joy, so decorate it as much as you want according to your own rules.

Design Your Own Jewellery With Laser Cutting

I am all about individuality and having your own personal style, so when I saw that laser cut jewellery is starting to become very popular, I knew that I wanted to make my own designs. So, I did a bit of research on how I can design my own jewellery with laser cut materials.

At first I thought I could maybe make something by myself, but after checking how much laser cutting equipment actually costs, I decided against it. Besides, I am not qualified to use a laser cutting machine so that is something best left to the professionals.

So, here are some tips to help you design your own jewellery with laser cutting.

Draw your pattern

Of course, you will be using laser cutting for the pattern so make sure that you draw something that is physically feasible. Try solid designs or designs that are still interconnected with a small bridge of material so that it does not fall apart once it is cut.

Silhouettes are of course popular, so I decided that I wanted a pattern that was my style. I draw my design on a paper and got to sketching. I came up with a stiletto shoe, a fairy, and my name in fancy lettering.

Find a laser cutting company

Finding a laser cutting company is easy enough – the real challenge is finding someone that does individual pieces. I noticed that most laser cutting companies expect you to buy in bulk, but I just wanted single pieces that were pretty and attractive.

Luckily, I found a laser cutting company that allows me to buy bespoke cut pieces at retail value rather than having me buy in bulk.

Submit your design and edit if necessary

I submitted my design and asked if it was possible to have it made. While my shoe and my name worked out fine, they needed me to edit my fairy a little because the design will make it structurally unsound. Everything needed to be at a certain thickness so that it will not break apart if they try to cut it. After several revisions however, the design was approved. They gave me a quote and waited for my confirmation.

Figure out what materials to use

Laser cut jewellery is often made of either metal or acrylic, and sometimes even of wood. I chose metal on all pieces even though acrylic had some very fun colours. Maybe if I am ready with more designs, I will think of pieces that are made with acrylic.

Wait for them to cut it

It only took three days for them to cut and finish all of my designs based on my hand drawn pattern. They made a computerized version of my drawing and then used the input in the machine. When they were done cutting, they mailed me the pieces.

Wear it!

I attached the chain to the pieces myself, making sure that I placed a little hole on each piece for my chain to go through. I now have fantastic personalized laser cut jewellery. Totally chic!

Riding in Style to the Ball


Proms are quickly becoming popular in the United Kingdom and Canada. While the practice originated from the United States, proms are now being celebrated all over the world and is often a highlight of student life.

The prom, also called the school formal, is a dance that is held for students in their eleventh year. It is also celebrated at the end of the sixth form for some of the older students.

In fact, proms as they are popularly known, have only become widespread in the UK in the 2000s.

Here is a video showing how to arrive to a prom in style!:

Now, I know that prom season usually starts between June to July, but since proms are a little new in this country, the logistics can be a bit difficult.

Many schools are not very good at coordinating yet, so I strongly suggest that you start planning soon, especially if you plan on riding in style to the ball.

The summer ball or school formal will always require a cool entrance. I strongly suggest that you rent out a vehicle or lease a car so that you can enjoy your evening in style.

Remember that a cool ride is the perfect complement to your outfit. Here are some great choices to get you started:


Lease a fancy car

For couples or small groups, you can try riding a stylish Audi using car leasing. There are some great leasing options that will allow you to lease a car for several evenings to several months.

All you have to do is to approach a contract hire company that leases cars. The great thing about car leasing is that you can keep riding the car long after the prom is over.

You will also get to ride the best cars for a fraction of the price. Audis are the best option for students because of its quality and safety mechanisms.

Naturally, Audis are also extremely beautiful vehicles and a great option for those who want to look good while driving to the dance.


Hire a limousine

For those who want to go to the prom in a large group, hiring a limousine is a much better option. Limousines are considered the ultimate party vehicles, and you are bound to have fun before and after the dance is over.

Limousines are by far the most popular choice for prom vehicles, because they practically ooze luxury. It is absolutely perfect for a formal event like the School Formal.

Limousines typically can be hired from car hire companies for several hours. Unlike the car leasing option, that will allow you to drive yourself to the dance, limousines typically come with a driver, as they require a special license to drive.

Whether you are hiring a car for a small group or a big group, riding in style is absolutely essential for the school formal. The prom is one of the best nights of your high school life, so make sure that it is memorable.

Beauty for Less: Make up on a Budget


Make up no doubt is a huge business and millions of women spend thousands of dollars every year to get the best products to doll themselves up. High end make up, while they work beautifully, tend to burn holes in our wallets.


Not everyone can wear the latest Chanel, Bobbi Brown, and Arbonne eye shadows without having to rob a bank. It is simply too expensive, especially if you are on a budget.


Now, while I do enjoy one or two products that truly make me feel like royalty, the truth is that I still prefer to purchase bargain make up instead.


I believe that every girl deserves to be beautiful, even if they cannot afford to spend on lavish products. Here are some tips for girls who want beauty for less.



I love bargain make up, and most often than not, I find some real Holy Grail products for a budget friendly price. Read on to find out how I do it.


Warehouse shopping


There are rows and rows of shelving in the warehouse close to my home, and it has become a favorite of mine for buying the essentials.

When I go shopping at our local warehouse depot, I tend to find all kinds of neat make up products to add to my arsenal.

While you would not be able to find high end make up here, I do get to find some cool products for less. Since warehouses sell in bulk, everything is much cheaper.


When warehouse shopping, I often spend on beauty products such as lotions and creams, since they are always cheap when taken right off the shelf.


Drug store brands


Some fashionistas scoff at drug store brands, but anyone who knows how to shop will know that drug store brands have a lot of hidden gems.


I found some really cool stuff when I was shopping at drug stores, and easily found my HG mascara there. The key to drug store brands is reading reviews.


Honest reviews will help you weed out the bad stuff in order to get to those special little products that really work.


Buy dupes

One thing about make up is that there will always be a cheaper dupe out there. Every colour in a high end brand will likely have that same colour available from a cheaper brand.


There are loads of comparison swatches out there, plastered all over the internet. I love buying dupes for lipstick colours as well as nail polish. Just remember, a dupe is not the same as a counterfeit!


While it may look the same, the colour pay off will be different. Counterfeits can also contain toxins such as parabens and lead.

Meanwhile here is a video about make up brushes that is both good to use as well as it is right for your budget:

You are better off buying from a trusted drug store brand instead. And that’s it! These are my tips for finding the best bargain make up out there.


Keep digging for the best bargains and you will find exactly what you need to make yourself as pretty as you want.

Beauty Tips for You and Your Pet




The world practically exploded when Paris Hilton, a known style icon and notorious party girl started carrying around her cute pampered pooch. Tinkerbell, a little brown chihuahua, is often carried in high class designer bags and is always wearing the latest in diamond encrusted designer collars.


In 2014, she has now added a new member to her family, an adorable little pomeranian pup that reportedly costs $13,000. Prince Hilton, a male pomeranian puppy from a prize blood line is similarly pampered and preened.


When it comes to beauty and pets, Paris Hilton is probably the most famous example of seamlessly blending the two together. She has made keeping a dog downright fashionable, which is somewhat amazing if you think about it.


But that does not mean that you should treat your dog like a mere accessory! Even small dogs have the same needs as larger breeds and are therefore a huge responsibility. Your pet should complement you in every way, so you need to treat them right! Here is all you need to know to make your dog look as pretty as you do.


Feed your dog the right stuff


A healthy diet is the best way to make your dog look its best. When choosing a brand, the best dry dog food for a great looking coat are the ones that are made with healthy, human grade ingredients. They keep your pet’s fur healthy and strong, and fills them out in all the right places. A well fed dog is a beautiful dog.


Another advantage of feeding dry dog food as opposed to the canned stuff is that your dog will also have cleaner teeth. Dry dog food helps scrub the teeth of plaque, leading to fresher breath and a more winning doggy smile. Good dog food is all that you need.


Comb or brush your dog daily


To keep fur from becoming matted, you will need to comb or brush your dog’s fur daily, especially if they have long or semi-long hair. Combing helps prevent mats from forming, which could cause skin irritation and even disease in your pets.

A few Pet care tips From the Dog Whisperer Cesare Milan:


Short haired breeds benefit from daily brushing as well, but they need a softer, short bristle brush to avoid snagging or scratching their skin. This helps clear their fur of any excess oils and build up which could prevent their skin from breathing. Brushing also makes your dog look neater and more polished.


Get cute accessories


For the real fashionista, cute accessories are a must. Of course, you will want make sure that your beloved pup also has accessories to match.


While small dogs are great for placing in costumes and carrying around in designer bags, bigger breeds can share in the glitz and glamour as well. Purchase a different dog harness to match all of your outfits, or buy just one really cute and versatile leash.


You can go especially wild with your dog’s collar, by choosing beautiful bands that have a multitude of colours and patterns available.

Nail Trends for School


For my readers who are still in school, I have decided to put together some super cool nail trends for school. I know that some schools do not allow make-up, but if your academic institution is fine with it, there are some great nail trends that you can try.


Of course, be free to mix and match, but here are some of my absolute favorites!

Match your nails with your neck lanyard


Since most schools now require IDs on neck lanyards for staff and the student body, it would not hurt to match your nails with your neck lanyard.

Choose a neck lanyard that has a complimentary color to your outfit, and choose nails that are the same color or design as your lanyard. For example, if you have a bright orange lanyard, you can try a bright orange manicure in the same color.


Go for a classic French nail


If you are like me and enjoy looking at your latest nail art creation all day long, having a fancy manicure can be a bit distracting.

To avoid getting distracted in class, go for a classic French nail manicure.It looks neat and elegant, but simple enough to not draw too much attention. Try a nude or pale pink nail polish and add simple white tips.


Metallic nails in nude colors

If you want something that adds a bit of pop without being too over-the-top, try a swipe of nude nail polish with a metallic finish.


Metallic nail polish is concentrated with ultra fine bits of glitter so that it has a low metallic sheen rather than being too flashy.


Take a look at this video that I found in Youtube about 3 easy Dotting nail art designs for short nails:


Try a sandy gold metallic polish, some nice silvers, or pale pink, blue, or lilac polishes for instant shine.



A favourite go to colour for the fall, those who want a sexy, vampy manicure without using bombshell red should try burgundy. It has a deep, brown-red shade that is sure to turn heads.


Burgundy goes well with many outfits and is a perfect dark coloured manicure for school. It also goes great with most school uniforms.




Nail studs

To add a bit of glamour to your regular manicures, try to add a few nail studs here and there for a lovely, minimalist nail art design.


You can choose metallic studs in various shapes including diamonds, hearts, and even stars. You can also try jewel nail studs featuring sparkly gems in a multitude of colours. Try adding one to just a single nail as an accent.


Matte finish neutrals

You can by a matte finish top coat or a nail polish that dries matte. The matte finish removes the shiny gloss of your polish leaving you with a smooth, velvety finish.


The best colors to use for school are neutrals such as taupe, cream, beige, and old rose.




Match your uniform

If all else fails, try matching your nails with your uniform rather than with just your neck lanyard. You can easily create plaid designs on your nails by drawing them on with a striping tool.



Dressing for The Career You Want



Have you ever heard of the quote “dress for the job you want, not the one you have”? I do like hearing that quote—it’s a bit inspirational yet all at once it makes me feel like I should do well at the job I currently have anyway.


But well… everyone should be of the philosophy that we should all claim what we want. Claim it, own it, make it ours, and then make it happen.


After all you can say you want something all you like, but if you don’t do anything about it then nothing will happen whatsoever. That’s why we should move into action.


One good way to make yourself get even more motivated is to change the way you conduct yourself and hold yourself accountable for your actions.


Elena Reed gives her advice on how to look good in your workplace…

Personally, I like to dress professionally either way—it helps to make me come across as more skilled, more trustworthy. Dressing professionally can help you too—but just remember, if you really need to advance in your career, maybe some training in business communication can help too.


So anyway, back on track. How exactly do you dress for the career you want? Well, it depends on the career. For me… well. I’m a fashion designer and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be, so not really a good example.


Let’s talk about my friend Liza instead. She is currently working at a book shoppe but she wants to go into the business world. For Liza, I would say that she should…


Consider Muting Down Wardrobe




Liza is a fun, colourful person and that’s how she should stay. But in the business world loud colours aren’t really always present or even welcomed, so her bright, colourful wardrobe will have to be adapted.


Colourful articles of clothing or accessories can still be worn, but paired with more muted choices. For example a bright yellow blouse can be paired with a nice pantsuit in navy blue, or even a darker shade of blue, almost black.


She can still express her personality while still giving of that professional vibe.


Consider Wearing Heels




Liza loves her flats, and with the lax dress code in the book shoppe (in fact most of the time she has to wear a shirt for her uniform and then the rest is up to her), she always wears comfortable shoes with no heels.


But there is no denying the fact that heels can truly make a woman feel empowered—and it could definitely help her with her confidence. It doesn’t have to be a crazy high pair of heels. In fact it can even be quite a comfortable pair.


Look Presentable




Aside from all the wardrobe choices she should change or make, Liza should also start making herself look more presentable. There is nothing wrong with wearing no makeup and tying hair back in a ponytail, of course.


But sometimes a bit of makeup and nicely brushed hair go a long way during a job interview!


Exercises You Can Do to Fit Into Your Bikini



Summer time’s a comin’ and you know you gotta fit into that swimsuit of yours—problem is you don’t have money for the gym (or you do but you don’t want to spend it on that). What do you do?


Well, there’s no real need to go to the gym and spend extra money, because that’s money you can use for shopping instead (yes, I’m such a good example aren’t I?)! Well I’ve tried training outdoors using fitness equipment and really it’s pretty fun, but not everyone has parks with equipment accessible to them.


So for those of you who are unfortunate enough to not have access to any equipment whatsover… here’s a quick list of what exercises you can do at home.


Zumba and Other Fitness Videos




I personally really love Zumba! It’s a great workout that really gets you moving while at the same time giving you dance moves that are smoking hot.


I particularly like the Latin spin on things, but of course I like other kinds of fitness videos too, when Zumba isn’t my cup of tea that day. I like to keep a variety of things I do so that I don’t get tired of doing just the one thing. You should do the same so you don’t eventually get tired of your fitness videos and start finding them bland.






For yoga all you need is a mat (or even just carpet or a nice soft rug), and the internet. Or maybe a yoga video. With the help of the internet you can have a whole yoga session that will leave you feeling well-stretched and peaceful.


It can significantly lessen your stress, leaving you more capable of facing the day. You can do this before bed—it makes it so much easier for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. You’ll wake up feeling so much better.






Do you have stairs in your home? If you do, then use them. Climb up, go down, climb up, go down, do it over and over. Climb how many steps you climb, and how many you go down.


There’s nothing quite like stairs to help you lose your breath, to work your legs. Swap out your leading legs now and then because you don’t want your muscles to get toned unevenly—it could cause problems!


Other Workouts




We all know that the internet is a treasure trove of information. So why not take advantage? You can find all sorts of workouts on the internet these days.


Be motivated and do them with commitment and you’ll be able to fit better in that dress! Now don’t you want that? I remind myself about that over and over, as well as about how I want to look in a bikini, whenever I’m feeling as though I’m lazy. No lazing around for me!


There are a lot of work out ideas and inspiration on Pinterest, by the way—not just fashion pins!


Here is video about Tips on How not to Look Fat in a Swimsuit: